The real reason why jeans’ pockets have rivets

Rivets contribution to the history of jeans – and how they acquired their popularity – is overwhelming. Using small bronze or nickel knobs led, unexpectedly, led to the spread of this piece of clothing worldwide.

We wear them almost every day and resort to them especially when we have a lack of inspiration or we are in a hurry.Jeans remain loyal and are a must-have of any wardrobe. Jeans are always in trend, but how many of us have asked if the rivets from the jeans have a hidden use? Most likely, we have ignored the rivets considering them only a part of our jeans’ pockets but they have a purpose and not is not a purely aesthetic one.

The truth is that without rivets, our jeans would break in.

Rivets contribution to the history of jeans – and how they acquired their popularity – is overwhelming. Moreover, rivets led to the creation of jeans. During the Gold Rush in 1870, workers wore jeans on building construction, but they were not resistant and often broke or unstitched. Due to this, the wife of a worker went to the tailor Jacob Davis and asked him to design for her husband a pair of jeans for work that would not break so easily, recalls the Independent.

Thus, Davis had the idea of using the rivets in the areas more sensitive, such as pockets or the base of the zipper. The rivets held the fabrics and the pants were less used.
Because jeans pockets are sewn over the material they need a strong hold to be resistant to wear and tear, so pockets are trimmed with rivets. Rivets are used in denim industries since their beginnings and have been patented by Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873. The rest is history.

In fact, there are three types of rivets, the Levi, the Lee and Wrangler rivets. Jeans ’s rivets are distinguished by brand and different colors: golden, made of nickel or bronze and patina.
Because his jeans with rivets were an instant success among workers, the tailor wanted to start a business and contacted Levi Strauss who already had a business, and he sold to Davis the material for the manufacture of trousers.

The two patented in 1873 the model trousers and became a worldwide success – although their name of ‘jeans’ has barely been created in the 1960s. Though denim pants were used before, their rivets made this piece of clothing popular.

The real reason why jeans’ pockets have rivets

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